You don’t have to make your days “worth it”.

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Sep 20, 2022 11:56 PM
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I am currently thinking about self-love, EA as an end in my “garden of ends” and adjacent issues. One common theme I want to disentangle is the theme of having to make my days “worth it”.
A residual of my productivity mindset, forcing me make my existence worth it - to make something with the time I was given. Similar to self-love, there is a dualistic situation here: either you accept your being as “worthy” already, or you have to work for it. Either you live in the now or you strive for the future, the ever-changing circumstances of life.
This all boils down to a standardized unit of time - the day. Something that you compare to yours and days of others. You think about whether you achieved something valuable today or if you used the time you were given on that given day. But why does that matter? A “day” is an artificial time concept, meant to seperate today from tomorrow, today’s sun’s rising from tomorrows, but it is just a continuous sequence of moments, stitched together in order to result in a unit called “the day”. Making the day worth it just means making a small part of your life “worth it”. But if you acknowledge that every part, every moment, of your life is worthy already, you don’t have to make your days worth it.