Connecting my Dots: My Zettelkasten

My process basically looks like this:
  1. I read something I find interesting.
  1. I write down the idea atomically in my reference box.
  1. I think about where the idea fits into my already existing Zettelkasten. This means that I tag the zettel accordingly and find relevant notes to link it to.
  1. I create new ideas from this in my main box. This is the most difficult part.
In general, I write down everything I find worth thinking about. This means that if I don’t have a category for something already, I will make one.
Disclaimer: Some of this might not make sense to you. That’s okay, as I mostly write my zettels for myself. Nevertheless, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. My main motivation for this is two-fold: a) I wish to write more zettels again, as I usually put off the process of “Let’s write down what I learned”, to read more. b) I wish to write better zettels again, as they are often unintelligible after a few weeks, even to me. If I have to write for somebody else to understand, I am simultaneously trying to make it intelligible for myself in two weeks.
Also: every zettel in the reference box isn’t based on my thoughts. Thus, I claim no credit for them. If you don’t want me to regurgitate your ideas by making a zettel out of them, contact me and I will put it down 🙂.
Reference Box