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Oct 2, 2022 12:22 PM
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Just had a thought going through my mind: I am currently doing the course, so I guess that I just want to write now.
Recently, I am thinking about “What do I actually want to do?” - in the sense of, “Hey, here’s a free day, what are you planning to do with it?”. My mind often converges to “Ehm, what would society do with a free day?”. Which is often “Go partying”, “go talk with friends” or something similar. But I often don’t want to do these things. It seems like I often enjoy these things after doing them, but before, I rarely want to do them.
So here are two ways how this could turn out:
Always do what you think you should do. Do stuff you don’t want to. You will like it afterwards. But you won’t know what you actually want to do. You leave your gut feeling out of the loop. Instead, you are thinking what you should do. This will lead to an inability to actually know, what you want to do.
The other way is: only do stuff that you actually want to do. You probably won’t go partying. You probability won’t hang out with friends as much. But you will, when you actually want to. And only if you want to. You learn what you want to do. You learn to access your gut feeling, without tainting it with intrusive thoughts.
I think I want to choose the latter. The first option is choosing stuff you don’t want to do.