Using and building intuition

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Oct 2, 2022 12:25 PM
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I am having this idea right now:
In writing, you can grind or you can flow. What do I mean by this?
You could stew over what word to write next, but being unsatisfied with the words that your brain gives you.
Or you could just take whatever your brain throws at you, and whenever you feel like you could say it in a different way, look it up, or reflect on the words you wrote after writing them down.
One is hard, one is easy and straight forward. Which is which?
I believe that the second approach is depicted in a lot of domains. For example, when climbing, you want to collect mileage on the wall. You want to climb as much as possible. This will help building your climbing intuition that will help you on harder routes. You can take whatever move you want to do, and after doing it, you can reflect on your choice of moves.
Otherwise, you would be puzzled over every possible move you could and should do, and fall off, because you are exhausted.