Formula for converting german grades to USA GPA

October 27, 2022
Oct 27, 2022 08:34 PM
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Just a short, little post about the formula for converting german grades to USA GPA, out of personal relevance. I found no qualified source online that describes this conversion, so I made one myself based on the Modified Bavarian Formula.
Somehow every page I found on the topic either misunderstood me, or was sketchy as hell and very obviously copied or badly translated. So I hope that I can spare you some time with this.

The modified bavarian formula is given by:
With N_max being the highest possible grade, N_min the lowest possible passing grade, and N_d being your current GPA. I don’t know anything about where this comes from, so don’t ask me, just took it from here.
If we transform the formula for GPA, we get:
Assuming a max grade of 4.0 and a minimum passing grade of 2.0, we get 3.5 GPA for 1.75 in the german system and vice versa.
That’s it. Now you just have to put all your grade in a spreadsheet, calculate the average (to get the german grade) and put everything in the given formula.

I have no clue about all of this, but this is my naive solution that seems to give reasonable results. Feel free to use it.